Homemade Jerky

There is a whole world of homemade jerky out there, which I will attempt to bring together on the pages of the website – JerkyHomemade.com.

This is a work in progress, so I will continually be adding new pages.

Whether you are looking for standard or unique ingredients, recipes, or how to dehydrate your meat, along with a host of other ideas, you have arrived at the right place.

a wooden log cabin style smokehouse with a fire inside to smoke homemade jerky.
Backyard Smokehouse

You will discover something for everyone. If it’s your first time making jerky, we will have detailed instructions for you, or if you are experienced, we will also offer options, ideas, and fun facts for you to enjoy.

When there is a common interest in anything, in our case, homemade jerky, those with experience can share their ideas, and we can all learn something new from one another.

My name is Jimmy, and I would like to welcome you to my world of homemade jerky.

A pile of beef jerky strips. Homemade jerky at its finest!

Why do people make jerky at home?

There is an art to making homemade jerky, as well as many benefits. Where do you fit in this story? Discover it Here

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What is Venison?

The answer may surprise you. Check out the article Tasty Venison for a quick lesson and recipes. Tasty Venison

Dehydrating Meat For Jerky

Learn why and how to dehydrate meat used for jerky… Click Here

Homemade Jerky Strips on a wood cutting board.

Homemade Jerky – Traditional Beef Jerky

Homemade Beef Jerky is the most popular, and we have plenty of information, methods, and recipes for you to browse through. See what the hype is about with Homemade Beef Jerky.

RECIPES: Look under the MEATS TAB and
browse the many recipes.

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All Natural, Organic, or Gluten-Free Jerky?

Learn what ingredients to use and switch to for organic, gluten-free, and all-natural jerky. Learn by clicking here… (Coming soon)

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Big Game and Venison Jerky Recipes

There are so many animals and so many recipes to choose from. This page will only get you started… Check it out here

Dried pollack fish jerky on a whilte background. Homemade jerky at its finest.

Fish Jerky

Check out different species of fish and learn about the texture of fish jerky when making it at home. Fish Jerky Basics

A to Z – Animals & Jerky

This is a fun article and game. How many animals that can be made into jerky are you able to name for each letter of the alphabet? Find Out AtoZ

Did You Know There Are Festivals Centered Around All Things Jerky?

You bet!! Check out the page dedicated to Jerky and Food Festivals around the USA. But that’s not all… there are International Jerky Festivals and International Jerky Awards as well!! And we cannot forget National Jerky Day. (Coming soon)

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How did this site come about?

Check out the About Us tab to meet the author, that’s me, who’s writing to you, and learn how and why jerky has been a passion of mine for years.