Which Type of Person Are You?

Are you a hunter who gets his meat from the wild, a farmer who raises your animals and then processes some of it into jerky, or will you go to the store and buy the meat you desire?

You may be a fisherman or fisherwoman. That’s awesome because we also have plenty of fish-related articles and recipes for you.

Another practice coming back into the scene in recent times is bartering. Maybe you like growing veggies and fruits and will be able to barter or trade some of your harvests for meat.

Homesteading is becoming very popular, and all the above may be a part of your lifestyle.

There’s no wrong answer because all of those are viable options. Homemade jerky can be made with any meat that comes from any source. What type of person are you?

Picture of rifle point towards the woods which are slightly blurred. Are yuo a hunting type of person?

Photo by James Wheeler

Fishing rod on a lake at sunset. Pole is bent as if just got a bite on the line. 
Are yuo a fishing type of person?

Photo by Laura Ohlman

Hens on a dirt driveway on a homestead. Are you a homesteader type of person?

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer

You may live in a big city like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, or wherever… but you still love jerky. That’s okay, too. You may not have a fireplace or smoker in the backyard, yet you still have an oven, and a dehydrator is portable enough to use anywhere. Unless, of course, you get one of those big floor models.

People from all walks of life enjoy jerky. When I owned my jerky shop, some people considered jerky a necessity of life. They would be in once or twice a week.

When hunting season rolled around, I had hunters stop in with their deer or elk tags and want deer or elk jerky for “good luck” while out hunting. Same with antelope, or prong horn.

Whatever your style, making your own jerky will be very satisfying.

Fruits and Veggies?

Besides meat, you can make some tasty treats with the same processes and equipment you use for drying meat. Many vegetables and fruits can be made into palatable snacks. To my carnivore friends, don’t poopoo this idea too quickly.

Think about grapes… that’s where raisins come from. Cranberries, dried cranberries or Craisins are quite popular. Banana chips, dried fruits, prunes, figs, and many more.

Vegetables can be dried to preserve them, maintaining their nutritional value and bringing out their full flavors. They can be eaten as a snack or used to make a recipe and rehydrate them. Think of ramen noodles and the veggies in there as one example. If you search for dried vegetables online, you may be surprised at all the options out there.

One I really enjoy is dried snap peas. I’m not even a pea lover, but these taste more like a sweet, savory snack, yet healthier. At home, we eat them as a snack or add them to a salad for some crunch.

Eventually, I will write some articles on fruits and vegetables for this website. But for now, I am working on meat you can make into jerky at home.

So, which type of person are you? I would love to hear about it. Carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or do you eat a well-balanced diet with meat and veggies? As I wrote that, I laughed to myself, thinking there are not too many vegetarians or vegans on this site. But sometimes, they may be looking for ideas for a spouse, family member, or friend.

Thanks for reading!

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