The Art and Benefits of Crafting Homemade Jerky

I have set out to answer the question, “Why do people make jerky at home?”

Making jerky at home has become a popular and rewarding culinary endeavor for many, offering a range of benefits and motivations. From quality control to cost savings and the joy of crafting unique flavors, homemade jerky has found its place in kitchens worldwide.

Here are some reasons people enjoy crafting homemade jerky. You may or may not have thought about some of these ideas.

Quality Control

One of the primary reasons individuals choose to make jerky at home is the unparalleled control over flavor. Customizing the taste profile—whether sweet, spicy, savory, or smoky—allows for a genuinely personalized culinary experience.

Regarding quality, the meat you choose is up to you, but if you prefer locally raised, pasture-raised, or wild game that you hunted or fish that you caught… you know where the meat came from. In today’s crazy world, that’s a thoughtful and good thing.


Beyond the pleasure of creating something from scratch, making jerky at home can be a cost-effective choice. Buying meat in bulk or on sale contributes to significant savings compared to purchasing commercial jerky. And if you hunt, fish, or raise your own, that is an additional advantage.

Health-Conscious Choices

Homemade jerky offers control over the ingredients for those mindful of their health. Choosing lean cuts of meat and grass-fed animals, regulating salt levels, and avoiding additives and preservatives commonly found in store-bought jerky aligns with health-conscious choices.

Unique Flavors and Varieties

The joy of experimentation is a driving force behind homemade jerky. Individuals can venture into diverse marinades, spices, and flavors, crafting unique varieties that may not be readily available in the commercial market. You will find many recipes on the pages of this website.

Preservation and Storage

Homemade jerky is a testament to the age-old art of preserving meat. With a long shelf life, it becomes a convenient and durable snack, ideal for outdoor activities, camping, or emergency preparedness.

And for preppers, it is a great way to stock up on high-protein food without refrigeration. See the article on preserving jerky.

Craftsmanship and Artisanal Appeal

The sense of pride that comes with crafting something artisanal is a significant motivator. Homemade jerky allows individuals to showcase their culinary skills, adding an artisanal touch to their creations.

Customization for Dietary Preferences

Homemade jerky is adaptable to various dietary needs. Whether adhering to a low-carb, keto, paleo, or gluten-free diet, individuals can tailor the ingredients to meet their specific dietary preferences.

See the article on Dietary Preferences.

Family Activities

Making jerky is not just a solo culinary adventure; it’s a family or group activity. The shared experience of marinating, slicing, and drying fosters a sense of togetherness, making it a bonding opportunity.

I think I first learned to make jerky when in the Boy Scouts. Although I don’t remember making jerky as a Scout activity, that would be a great idea!

Gifts and Sharing

Homemade jerky doubles as a thoughtful and unique gift. Many enthusiasts take pleasure in sharing their creations with friends and family, spreading the joy of homemade snacks.

I’ve given jerky as gifts before. They all wanted more, hahaha.

Educational Experience

The process of making jerky involves various skills, from marinating to drying. It provides an educational experience in food preservation techniques, allowing individuals to expand their culinary knowledge. What a great lesson for kids. Homeschoolers should add this to their activity list.

A boy toddler and mom on homestead feeding a carrot to a guinea pig in a basket and a baby goat next to them.
On the Homestead
Photo by Dawn

Environmental Considerations

For those environmentally conscious, making jerky at home contributes to a reduction in packaging waste compared to store-bought alternatives, aligning with sustainable practices.

Mason jars are a great way to reuse packaging. I will say vacuum-sealed mylar bags are also an excellent choice.

Enjoyment of the Process

Beyond the practical benefits, the process of making jerky is often as enjoyable as the end result. It becomes a therapeutic and satisfying culinary adventure, creating moments of joy in the kitchen.

I love cooking and baking. I am creative in the kitchen, on the BBQ, and making jerky. I love to tweak my recipes, and I do make notes when I do so I don’t forget next time.

Whether for health reasons, cost savings, or the sheer enjoyment of crafting delicious snacks, making jerky at home has become a culinary trend that offers a diverse range of benefits. Embracing the art of homemade jerky allows individuals to explore their creativity in the kitchen while savoring the fruits of their labor.

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